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Dental Services in Gilmer, TX

September 14, 2022
Posted By: Connor Hall
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Types of Dental Services Offered in Gilmer, TX

Are you in need of root canal treatment or tooth extractions? Maybe it’s time for a regular cleaning or you think you have a cavity, whatever the service, our Gilmer, TX dentist office is here to help! We even offer financing for those unexpected expenses.

General Dentistry
Has it been a little while since your last regularly scheduled dentist appointment or maybe have a tooth bothering you? At Arise Dental in Gilmer, we are able to offer treatment! Our office performs X-Rays, examinations, regular and deep cleanings, extractions and fillings, and crowns and bridges and implants daily! Our dental assistant will help with the preliminary exam and get you ready for the dentist. This might require X-Rays, initial exam, or tooth polishing. After, our dentist will perform the complete exam and any treatment plans or procedures needed. Most appointments can be completed within one hour. If you are in need of more delicate treatment like an extraction, implant, root canal therapy, or dentures, we are able to help. Feel free to let us know of any special requests or accommodations you may need.

Extractions, Implants, and Root Canal Therapy
Many people suffer from damaged or decayed teeth, too complex for traditional fillings. If this is the case for you, extractions, implants, or root canal treatment in Gilmer, TX might be your best option. We will X-Ray your tooth and perform a comprehensive exam to determine any issues with your teeth. If extractions, implants, or root canal therapy are recommended, we will discuss the treatment options and develop a plan with you to get your smile healthy. We also offer wisdom tooth removal! Local anesthesia will be provided for a comfortable experience. Our office provides nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for sedation if requested. A few examples of needed extractions are impacted or unerupted teeth (tooth partially emerges from gum and can’t fully develop), overcrowding, or severely damaged or infected teeth.

Dentures, Crowns and Bridges
Dental crowns and bridges are common ways to restore or correct weak or damaged teeth. Crowns are made to be placed over your teeth. This is done to prevent additional damage or allow the tooth to heal after trauma or treatment. Bridges are anchored to other teeth to reinforce the bridge and not cause additional damage to the gums or teeth. Crowns and bridges are often used for decayed or broken teeth, weakened teeth from procedures such as root canal treatment, and broken or large, unsightly fillings. Bridges can help anchor teeth in place and not allow shifting caused from empty space by missing teeth. Dentures are used for multiple missing teeth. All three of these treatments usually require two-to-three visits. The first visit, your dental impressions will be taken so we can perfectly restore your smile. After a custom dental lab creates your crown, bridge, or denture you will be recalled for your second visit for adjustments and cementation of your treatment. While waiting for your custom piece to be fabricated, our office will fit a temporary crown or bridge (if available).

Whether you are looking for a regular dental check-up or have a problem tooth, let our local dentist in Gilmer, TX be your choice for dental solutions. From cleanings and fillings, to extractions and implants; our dental office can help restore your smile. Give Arise Dental a call or visit our website to book your dentist appointment and let us put a smile on your face.


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